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Stir Fried Chicken With Ginger

Stir Fried Chicken
Stir Fried Chicken
Stir fried chicken is one of the quickest and simplest stir fry to do in your kitchen.  Aside from its flexibility on vegetable pairing, chicken can easily be marinated at short lengths of time for flavoring purposes.  There may be hundreds of recipes in the internet and cook books about stir frying chicken.  Maybe you came across then in the past and would like to try more.  It is this reason that we continue to share our recipes in the internet to encourage everyone to continue stir frying.  While we continue to research for new ideas, we also continue to experiment on new trends that might give you an extra knowledge in stir frying. Here is an easy stir fry recipe that is perfect for a mid-week meal.. Use your favorite vegetable or whatever you have in the refrigerator.  Let us start cooking then.

STIR FRIED CHICKEN WITH GINGER:  Serves four persons. Cooking time is fifteen minutes.

  • four chicken breasts, thinly sliced into strips, deboned and skinless please
  • two tablespoons of olive oil or any vegetable oil
  • one red onion, thinly sliced
  • one clove of garlic, crushed
  • four hundred grams of fresh mixed vegetables, thinly sliced into strips (peppers, mange tout, celery, and mushrooms)
  • four cm or a thumb size ginger, shredded
  • two tablespoons of soy sauce
  • a few drops of sesame oil, if it is available in your kitchen
  • salt and freshly grounded black pepper  (according to taste)
  • A handful of fresh coriander, chopped (for garnishing)

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  • Start by preparing all the ingredients you have on your list.  Please prepare them according to the instructions in the list of ingredients.  The mixed veggies are to be sliced into bite sizes.  The chicken into thinly sliced strips.  And place them close to your stove for easy reach when you start to stir fry.  Measure your condiments well and place them along the side of your stove too.
  • Now you are ready to stir fry.  Begin by heating a wok or a large skillet over your American stove on high heat.  Add oil and wait till it is hot and starts to smoke.  Add the chicken strips and stir fry them for four to five minutes until they turn golden brown, not white, or cooked through.  When done frying the chicken strips, remove the chicken strips to a plate and reserve. 
  • Reheat the wok and add the remaining oil.  Season it with garlic and ginger and then cook it for 15 seconds till it is fragrant.  Then add the vegetables and stir fry for a about two minutes until they just begin to soften but still crisp. 
  • Then add back the chicken strips to the wok, together with the soy sauce, a splash of water, sesame oil and a few twist of black pepper.  Continue to stir fry for about two minutes more.
  • Taste-test it and add salt and pepper according to your desire. 
  • Remove to a serving platter and sprinkle over the coriander on the dish. 
  • Serve immediately while it is hot.  This stir fried chicken recipe is very nice if paired with steamed rice.  But others may prefer noodles to go with the dish.  It is ok though.  Enjoy and have fun in your kitchen.
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