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Stir Fry Sauce – Behind To Savory Meals

Recipe for Stir Fry Sauce
Recipe for Stir Fry Sauce
For all those who don’t have time to cook but wasn’t to give their main courses a different, authentic touch everyday stir fry secret recipes “TAVOLA” line of meat sauces was created, divided into types such as; mustard sauce, balsamic vinegar sauce and green pepper sauce.

Tasty and delicate, the sauces are easily made, perfect to round off meat dishes or accompany a salad or grilled vegetables.  Add these sauces to your main course and you will astound your guest with unique, inviting flavours.

The green pepper sauce is a meat sauce made of cream and green pepper, perfect to give a touch to your delicious and tasty meat dishes.  The ingredients include; water, cream, sunflower seed oil, green pepper (2%), brandy, tapioca starch, Worcestershire sauce, natural flavouring, salt, black pepper. Net weight for this is 80 grams.  Follow normal saute preparation procedures.

Storage time is 70 days from the production date.  The product must be stored refrigerated at +4*C.  After opening, consume within two days.  In a microwave, remove the surface film and, leaving the product in the tub, warm for around 1 to 2 minutes and pour it onto the meat (beef sirloin, roast beef, frankfurter, hamburger, potatoes, etc.)  The product can be used as it is, poured directly onto the meat in this case, remove the product from the refrigerator 10 to 15 minutes prior to its use and leave at room temperature.  This is a product with no preservatives, no coloring but is tasty and delicious.  Try this at home.

Other stir fry sauces include;
  •  Lemon stir fry sauce:  The ingredients include; ¼ cup lemon juice plus 1 teaspoon lemon zest, ¼ cup chicken broth, a teaspoon soy sauce, and 2 tablespoon of sugar.  Combine all in a single cup, measuring cup.  Stir fry in high heat.  Add cornstarch to thicken.
  • Soy sesame stir fry sauce:  The ingredients include; ¼ cup chicken broth, ¼ cup soy sauce, 2 teaspoon rice wine vinegar, 2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil, 1 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes, 1 teaspoon sugar.  Combine all ingredients and stir fry in a high heat wok or sauce pan.
  • Fresh Herb stir fry sauce:  The ingredients include; ¼ cup chicken broth, ¼ cup soy sauce, 2 teaspoon rice wine vinegar, ½ teaspoon sugar, ¼ cup shredded basil leaves or minced cilantro leaves.  Combine all in one measuring cup and stir fry in a high heat sauce pan.
  • Sweet and sour stir fry sauce:  The ingredients are; ¼ cup chicken broth, 2 tablespoon soy sauce, 2 tablespoon cider, balsamic or rice wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, ½ teaspoon hot red pepper flakes.  Combine all in one measuring cup and stir fry in a high hated sauce pan. 
Having known the ingredients of these famous sauces, can help you elevate the taste and flavor of your meat at home.  When you entertain a guest or just cook for your family, try using one of these recipes and surely your efforts will pay off.  Good luck on your cooking.

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Stir Fry A Chicken Chop Suey

Stir Fried Chicken
This is a recipe for the famous chicken chop suey that comes from a cook book written by Deh-ta Hsiung, who have written that it is the “classical” Chicken Chop Suey dish that heralded Chinese Food to the Western World at the end of the nineteenth century, and it is rather amazing to think that one of the world’s greatest cuisines should have been represented by a dish that did not even originate in China itself, but thousands of miles away in San Francisco, USA.
To prepare the chicken chop suey, mix the chicken shreds with a pinch of the salt, the egg white and about 1 teaspoon corn flour or cornstarch paste.  Blanch them in warm oil, stir to separate, then remove and drain them.  Pour off the excess oil, leaving about 2 tablespoons in the wok, then stir fry all the vegetables for about 1 minute, add the remaining salt and the sugar, blend well, then add the chicken with the soy sauce and rice wine, stir fry for another minute, and add the stock and MSG, (MSG is optional), finally thicken the gravy with the remaining corn flour paste, garnish with the sesame oil and serve hot.
How to season the vegetable oil; pour about 1 pint (600 ml) vegetable oil into a pre-heated wok or saucepan over high heat, add 2 to 3 small pieces of ginger root.  In a few minutes, the ginger pieces should rise to the surface.  Now watch the color of the ginger, when it turns from pale yellow to dark brown, turn off the heat and let the oil cool down a little before removing the ginger pieces.  Then store the seasoned oil in a container.

The list of ingredients for the American Chop Suey includes;

•    1 tablespoon thick corn flour or cornstarch paste, (1 part corn flour with 1.2 parts cold water).
•    About ½ pint (300 ml)) seasoned oil
•    1 tablespoon thinly shredded fresh ginger root
•    3 to 4 spring onions, thinly shredded
•    4 to 6 ounces (115 to 175 grams) of bean sprouts
•    ½ teaspoon caster (superfine) sugar
•    1 small green pepper, cored and seeded, thinly shredded
•    1 tablespoon light soy sauce
•    ½ tablespoon Chinese rice wine
•    2 tablespoon chicken stock
•    Pinch of MSG (optional)
•    A few drops of sesame oil
•    ¼ egg white
•    1 Teaspoon salt
•    4 to 6 ounces (115 to 175 grams) of chicken meat, thinly shredded, with skins.

The above American Chop Suey can also be compared with preparing chop suey with a variety of recipes featuring pork, quail eggs and vegetables flavored with soy sauce, oyster sauce and other seasonings.   The mixture of pork and shrimp, plus the oyster sauce gives a different taste of chop suey that combines meat with seafood, a great taste to indulge with.  This type adds carrot, baby corn and snow peas as its vegetable additives to bring a new sensual taste to the diner.

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