Friday, November 1, 2013

The Magical Recipe For Stir Fry Sauce

Stir fries are delectable dishes that can be prepared very quickly and easily.  Quickly since it can be done in just a few minutes and easily because it can be stirred over high heat on a wok or a large skillet sautéed by the secret of the house, the stir fry sauce.  Recipes for stir fry sauces are everywhere to be found from the internet to the usual cookbooks that are sold in bookstores and even on book stands.   These are not bad remedies actually if you are looking for a fry sauce that can deliver the taste that you expect from a stir fry.   We call this our MAGICAL STIR FRY SAUCE.
  • If you're buying them from the Asian store, any of the following are decent:
  • Teriyaki sauce/marinade
  • Chili garlic sauce
  • Chili black bean sauce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Satay (peanut) sauce
However, it's really a lot tastier and cheaper if you make it yourself.  We use some variation on the following ingredients:
  • Three fourth cup water
  • One to two tablespoons of dark soy sauce
  • Two to three tablespoons light soy sauce or teriyaki
  • One to two tablespoons toasted sesame oil, to bring out the aroma
  • One to two teaspoons chili oil, optional if you need some heat on the sauce
  • One tablespoon tapioca starch (test on the sauce; if it doesn't thicken right, then you can add more for consistency)
  • Minced or grated ginger, to taste
  • Minced or grated garlic, to taste
  • One to two teaspoons brown sugar, honey or maple syrup for a hint of sweetness

The proportions of the ingredients in this recipe are pretty rough because we always look at it closely, besides from the variability of the ingredients (We can't always get the same brands or sometimes we even miss one or two).  We have mastered this formula after a few years of stir-frying, hence we do not really think about it in detail anymore.  It usually tastes great though, and we’ve receive great comments to its effect that it smells tremendously great (We think the sesame oil did it).

You can also substitute corn starch for tapioca, but you will have to use a little more of it, and the sauce does not tend to be as smooth or consistent with the tapioca.  It will work in a pinch, though, only if you can't find tapioca in your area.

When we prepare this sauce it usually produces a little more than a cup with the list of ingredients.  We always marinate and stir-fry the meat separately with a separate but simpler sauce such as; honey and teriyaki that really works great.  Then half-stir-fry and half-steam the vegetables using half the marinating sauce, so they get nice and tender.  Then add the meat and the rest of the sauce and stir fry for about a minute or two longer.  This brings about a nice balance of flavor infusion and some extra sauce that you can use to go and mix with your hot steaming rice.

Enjoy this recipe for stir fry sauce at home and have fun doing them all the way.  It is very fragrant and delicious on your stir fries.
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